10 Dec 2021

Integrity Watch is an Afghan civil society organization committed to increasing transparency, accountability, and integrity in Afghanistan. Integrity Watch was created in October 2005 and established itself as an independent civil society organization in 2006. The head office of Integrity Watch is in Kabul with provincial programmatic outreach in Balkh, Herat, Kabul, Kapisa, and Nangarhar Provinces of Afghanistan. Integrity Watch also works in several other provinces through its local partners.

Over the last decade, Integrity Watch’s work has focused on three major components: (1) Community Monitoring, (2) Research, and (3) Advocacy.

Ever since its establishment, Integrity Watch has tried to encourage active citizenship and community mobilization through its programs. Our community monitoring work has included the development of community monitoring tools, mobilizing, and training communities to monitor public services, education and health, as well as construction projects . So far, more than 2308 public services sites have been monitored by 4844 volunteers.

Our current research work is focused on the health and education sector as well as aid effectiveness. The objective is to develop new, ground-breaking empirical research in order to set the agenda, influence decision-makers, and bring to the public attention non-documented and non-explored issues.

The aim of our advocacy work has been to enhance Integrity Watch’s pioneering role in advocating for knowledge-based decision-making and informed public debate on governance and integrity issues. Our advocacy work includes the facilitation of policy dialogue on issues related to integrity, transparency, and accountability. We have engaged in policy advocacy for issues that communities experience on a day-to-day basis while trying to hold the government and service providers accountable. Our current thematic focus is on aid effectiveness, the education and health sectors as well as broader governance issues.

Overall, Integrity Watch has proven itself throughout the years as the lead anti-corruption organization both at the local and the national level. In addition, Integrity Watch has also earned international recognition and has contributed to the global fight against corruption through knowledge sharing and joining coalitions working on global integrity and anti-corruption agendas.

Integrity Watch Afghanistan is governed by its By-Laws wherein a General Assembly has the authority to elect the board of directors and bring changes to the By-Laws. The Board of Directors recruits the Executive Director, and approves the annual plan and budget of the organization. The programmatic and operational affairs of the organizations are conducted by an Executive Committee led by the Executive Director.